THIS CHANGES Everything.
The InverseClip™ is a patent-pending component that introduces one thing to your helmets that they've never had before:
CUSTOMIZATION • Adaptable to any helmet.• • Customizable colors and patterns that coordinate easily with uniforms and color trends. • Potential upgrades to different strap features like fitting mechanisms, premium technical linings and different buckle combinations. • The InverseClip establishes a platform for an all-season helmet with condition-appropriate components easily swapped out of the continually used shell.
Keep their faces happy.
A major advantage of the InverseClip System is the ability to separate the helmet strap from the shell, allowing the strap to be washed in commercial laundry machines. This eliminates the presence of odor-causing bacteria and strap acne.
The InverseClip™ has Exceeded CPSC and ASTM 2040 helmet rotational and dynamic strength retentions test and Military retention test requirements. Our Anchor & Brace® System integrates the helmet strap into the shell with a larger and more streamlined point of contact than rivets or submounted plastic fasteners. In addition to benefitting the overall helmet fit, this gives your helmet three potential advantages. • It keeps the strength of the outer shell intact by not piercing it with rivets, virtually eliminating the possibility of the rivet tearing through helmet strap. • The InverseClip has an attachment point that spans the entire width of the strap, virtually eliminating the possibility of the rivet tearing through the helmet strap. • When a helmet strap wears out or a buckle breaks, the only option was to throw the helmet out. With the InverseClip, the helmet strap can be replaced or upgraded.